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Digi-Parenting with My Vodafone.

Parenting is a busy time. My Vodafone makes life simpler, especially when it comes to managing multiple accounts.

My Vodafone is designed to help you make the most of life as a digi-parent by making it easy to manage multiple Vodafone accounts.

With the My Vodafone app on your smartphone or tablet, you can do heaps of handy things – like check your balance, see just how much data you’ve got left for the month, top up your family’s Prepay mobiles and much more. It’s free and easy to use – both on your desktop, and on your smartphone or tablet through the app.

Check your balance.

With My Vodafone’s account summary you can quickly see the details of your plans including minutes, TXTs and data balances, for On Account Mobile, Prepay Mobile, and Home accounts.

Top up wherever you (or they) are.

No need to worry about your kids’ Prepay running out – or you having to head out to the dairy to top up. My Vodafone lets you top up your Prepay accounts through the app.

Manage your Add-Ons.

Add data bundles, TXTs, minutes and other services right in the app – you can view your family connections and see how much data they’re using, and buy additional data during the month if you run out.

Track your spending.

In My Vodafone, you can view your current bill, plus up to 12 months of previous bills.

Keep it simple.

You can choose to pay your bill by direct debit or credit or debit card straight from My Vodafone.

Sign in to My Vodafone any time on your mobile or desktop for an up-to-date view of your mobile accounts, and see how simple Digi-Parenting can be.

Get My Vodafone now.

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Posting Guidelines

Use of the Vodafone Digi-Parenting Forum

The Vodafone Digi-Parenting forum provides an area for you to discuss your Digi-Parenting issues and questions. We want to make sure that the forum is used in an engaging and supportive way for everyone who is using it.

The information you post is your responsibility, and it’s up to you to make sure that it’s appropriate for the conversation and doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s rights.

While we want to encourage free and open discussion, we’re uncomfortable with and might remove any posts on the forum that:
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If we need to, we might change or remove the Digi-Parenting forum, which may include any content that you’ve posted. We don’t keep a copy of content that’s been uploaded so if you want a copy make sure you’ve saved this somewhere else.

We want to talk about the great things that are happening on the forum, so from time to time we might use some of the posts or comments you make elsewhere.

If at any time you feel threatened by anyone posting on the Vodafone Digi-Parenting forum, or believe their use or posting is not in line with this policy it’s important for you to report this to us. We take this type of activity seriously and will make every effort to deal with all instances that are reported to us. To report any kind of abuse, please contact emailonlinecare@vodafone.com

We recommend that you don’t post any personal information including your Vodafone account information. If you need help or have specific queries or comments concerning your account please contact Vodafone Customer Services. To get in touch, visit our Contact page.