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Following 4 families digi-parenting experiences

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The Parent Project - Wrap Up

For lots of Kiwi parents, it can be hard to keep up with what our kids are doing online. So, we partnered up with four Kiwi families and their kids, to help them navigate the digital world together. We followed their journey of discovery, as we set tasks for them to complete – from setting…

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Task 6: Harmful communication

The Internet can be an inspiring and wonderful place, with endless opportunities for education and entertainment. But as we are all aware, the Internet also comes with risks and dangers. The good news is that there are ways you can manage the risks with a little bit of initial set up time, and the occasional…

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Task 5: The digital future

For Task 5 we asked our Parent Project parents to explore the future of technology with their families and how things have changed – and are still changing. The first part of the task involved reflecting on how far we have come thanks to technological innovations. Our families reported a couple of discoveries – have…

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Task 4: All about the kids!

Technology is more integrated in our children’s lives than ever before, but do we actually know what our kids are doing when they’re online? For Task 4, we asked parents to go on a tour through their kids’ online world, and encouraged them to let the kids take the lead. Here are a few stops…

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Task 3: Security audit

You’d have to agree that more technology can make life easier, make things more entertaining, and keep us better connected. But it can also make it tough to keep things secure and safe. New scams and viruses appear all the time; new devices pop up on your home network; and new online services and platforms…

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Task 2: Checking and managing your Digital Footprint

You have a pretty good idea of the places you’ve been in the real world. You might even do those “how many countries have you visited” quizzes, to see where you rank amongst your friends. But do you remember all the places you’ve been on the Internet – and what you left behind when you…

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Task 1: Create a Digital Agreement

Did you know there’s a really powerful way to help manage our kids’ technology expectations, understand how we use technology, and keep our kids safe too? It’s as simple as developing your own set of digital guidelines together to create a “digital agreement” – and it’s the first task we set for our Parent Project…

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Introducing The Parent Project

We want to promote the safe use of digital resources and communications for families’ building their digital parenting skills, with the aim to empower parents to walk alongside their children as they enter the digital world and become responsible digital citizens.

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