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Age Guide: What’s My 5-7 Year Old In To?

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Top tips for kiwi digi-kids

5 to 7 year olds might enjoy catching up with their favourite TV and cartoon characters on websites like Nick Jr or Hairy Maclary, for example.

On the move, parents can keep kids entertained with games like Xbox or Playstation and by playing age-appropriate apps like SmackTalk or Top Dog together on a smartphone.

Even if they’re just doing something for fun, these kinds of devices and websites can help to teach younger children important skills, such as how to type, how to count, how to improve their hand and eye co-ordination, and how to read.

Age 5-7 simple checklist:

  1. Sit with your child and get involved when they’re using the computer and other devices like games consoles – make it fun!
  2. Set up SafeSearch on your child’s computer – but remember, they might not be 100% effective and they aren’t a substitute for parental supervision.
  3. Don’t assume that your child is only accessing age-appropriate services and websites – they could be influenced by older siblings to go on to sites like YouTube (which have a minimum age limit of 13) or they might have figured out how to use your mobile.
  4. Start teaching them why it’s important to keep their personal information to themselves.
  5. Stay in control of their screen time and don’t be pressured into letting your child use technology like mobiles or games consoles if you don’t think they’re mature enough.
  6. Encourage them to come to you if anything they see online worries or upsets them. For young children, the internet and mobile devices are simply fun – sometimes educational, but mostly fun.
  7. Work together to create your own Digi-Family agreement, with rules you can all agree to.

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