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Frequently asked questions about Digi-Parenting.

Here are some of most common questions we get asked about Digi-Parenting. Please feel free to add your own questions in the comments section at the end.

What do I do if my child is being bullied or a bully themselves?

Cyber bullying should be taken very seriously. Read our top tips from the experts.

How much screen time should my child be allowed?

There is no simple answer to this one, as it depends on your individual child and what’s right for your family. Read our screen time advice.

My child wants to join Facebook. What age is it okay?

Most social networking sites have a minimum age restriction of 13. This is to protect your child and keep them safe. Find out more about young people and social media.

Is it possible for young people to get round filters and Parental Controls?

Yes. You can help to avoid this happening by keeping the admin passwords for the computer or laptop that they use to yourself. Certain apps and encrypted browsers allow network filters to be bypassed (e.g. apps that contain the acronym ‘VPN’ or ‘TOR’) so check your child’s phone settings for ‘running applications’ or installed apps.

Is it true that filters sometimes underblock or overblock?

Web content tends not to accurately describe itself to filters so some websites containing certain words with double meanings are blocked accidentally. On the other hand, new websites serving unwelcome content can go undetected for a short time. The filtering lists are updated frequently to account for this. Find out how to appeal against inadvertent filtering on your Vodafone mobile.

How can I protect my children when they use Wi-Fi when they’re out and about?

The key risks are that, unlike your home Wi-Fi or mobile phone service, you can’t be sure who is providing the network and whether it has content filters in place. We recommend that you:

  • Make sure your child’s smartphone or tablet has parental controls in place that filter or block Wi-Fi and ensure that ‘strict filtering’ is applied on Google SafeSearch.
  • Use public Wi-Fi zones that have filters and look for ‘friendly Wi-Fi’ symbols when you’re out and about (McDonalds offers Wi-Fi filtering, for example)
  • Be careful when a ‘Free Public Wi-Fi’ hotspot comes up on a mobile device as it might be designed to spy on personal data and also make sure that the spelling of any Wi-Fi hotspots you use in cafés and other public spaces is correct (a malicious party could be broadcasting a near-identical hotspot name)
  • Try to limit public Wi-Fi use to websites and apps that don’t require you to provide personal details or to sites that apply HTTPS (padlock) security.

What should I do if I come across inappropriate or illegal content online?

No filter can be 100% accurate. Find out how to report unwelcome content to various online and mobile providers and other authorities, such as the police.

Quick Tips

  1. Know when to let go: If you teach your kids to be streetwise online, they’ll learn to take responsibility for themselves.

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