The Parent Project

Task 3: Security audit

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How security savvy is your family?

You’d have to agree that more technology can make life easier, make things more entertaining, and keep us better connected. But it can also make it tough to keep things secure and safe. New scams and viruses appear all the time; new devices pop up on your home network; and new online services and platforms turn up almost daily.

Understanding what to look out for, and having some first line protection in place, can help your family enjoy everything being connected without worry. That’s why we asked our families to do a quick safety and security audit of their devices, and to review how they use the internet at home.

Try it out for yourself here – and read on to see what our Digi-Parenting families discovered for themselves…

Keep your family safe online:

  1. Think smart to stay safe. Even the threat of scammers and fraudsters can make some people so cautious about online banking or shopping that they avoid it all together. The truth is, so long as you think smart, it can be perfectly safe. For example? You can tell if a site is secure: the url (website address) starts with ”https://”. The “S” stands for Secure, and means your usage is encrypted.
  2. Keep rules consistent when friends come over. Most of our families found their kids are pretty good at sticking to their digital agreements, including rules around safety and security. But what did show up as a problem for one family is handling things when friends come over. Make sure the rules stay the same for kids who are visiting.
  3. Beware of free WiFi. With a little bit of effort, it’s easy to keep things secure at home. But out and about? That can be trickier. Let’s say you’re sitting in a café and you connect to an open, free WiFi network – no password necessary. If you don’t know who’s behind that WiFi signal, you could be connecting to an unsecure network. People could be watching the connection, and any private or personal details you share could be at risk. Take care when you connect.
  4. Review digital agreements to ensure they are up to date. Online safety is a work in progress. Technology changes quickly – and so do the things our kids are into. Make sure your family’s digital agreement is up to date with your online activity. For example, if your family decides to change the household WiFi password monthly, remember to update this rule in the agreement.

For more security tips check out these articles: The busy parents guide to staying safe online – secure your devices and understanding cyber security.

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