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Technology has the power to make learning fun.

Digital technology is encouraging children to tackle more challenging books, according to recent research from the University of Dundee in Scotland.

Following the reading habits of more than 426,000 children, the study found that children are discovering stories in multiple channels – like the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series, which started as books, and became films, games and apps. This multi-channel approach is inspiring kids to try more difficult reads, too. The study found that five to ten year-olds were enjoying books 2.4 years above their reading age.

Gaming has secured a place as a powerful learning tool over the past few years. Many teachers are finding that using games in a learning situation can change young people’s attitudes towards what is being taught, focus their attention, and open up other avenues for creativity. Recently Microsoft has seen the learning potential of its popular game Minecraft, and has developed a version of its game for schools.

Outside of games consoles, there has also been an explosion in learning and fun apps for smartphones and tablets. These apps enable children to explore and discover with their parents to build numeracy, literacy and creative thinking skills.

“I never thought I would say this but I actually really enjoy playing online games with my son. Our favourite at the moment is a spelling game where you are given 6 letters and have to create as many words as you can. He loves the competition, it’s nice to do something together with technology, and his spelling has also improved. It’s been a win, win… win.” – Shelly

But as with other aspects of Digi-Parenting, it’s about being involved in what your child is doing, being aware of how they’re using technology in the classroom, staying age appropriate, and setting limits so they can benefit from what they’re learning in the game and apply it other areas of their lives.

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