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Are your kids interested in being YouTubers?

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Sharing is caring - so your kid wants to be a YouTuber?

For kids who are avid subscribers of YouTube channels, the topic will almost inevitably come up: “I want to start making and sharing my own videos.” The YouTube community is largely an incredibly creative and awesomely inspiring one; but – yes, just like the real world – there is also a dark side.

So, how do you keep your kids safe from inappropriate criticism and nasty comment threads? And how to you protect their privacy and safety when they’re sharing things they’ve made?

YouTube starter tips:

    • Be mindful of the age restrictions.It is recommended that children are 13 or over before they start accounts on most social media sites. If your family is younger than this you can set up your own account as a family to ensure you can manage activity until they are old enough.
    • Always disable comments on videos. There is no filtering or ownership of comments on YouTube. You just never know what will be shared there.
    • Explain to kids the importance of keeping their personal information private. Make sure they always use a pseudonym and never disclose any details that could be clues to their real identity.
    • Make sure expectations are set at the beginning Such as what the video will be about, and how long it should be. And get involved in the process! Depending on the age of your kids it can be a great experience to work it out together, with the added benefit of being able to monitor the process.

The Internet is an incredible resource for entertainment and learning, and YouTube can be a real life-changer. Work with your family to make sure the changes are for the better. Start with one simple question: What are your kids’ favourite channels?

Here are some great channels to check out if you have younger kids:

    • Charli’s Crafty Kitchen – a cooking channel featuring two budding Aussie chefs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuapoB5ePKwiU7zFqc4-weg
    • Simon’s Cat is an animated series featuring the antics of a cat and his owner. https://www.youtube.com/user/simonscat/featured
    • Jiwi’s Machines is a great channel for budding inventors https://www.youtube.com/user/allonewordplease

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