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Block unwanted TXT and PXT messages from any NZ mobile number.

Vodafone Blacklist is a free service available to all Vodafone customers that makes it easy to block unwanted TXT and PXT messages. You simply create a list of NZ mobile numbers you want to block.

If you ever receive threatening TXTs or highly offensive PXTs, we recommend you also contact the police.

To use Vodafone Blacklist app, log into My Vodafone, click Vodafone Blacklist and enter the phone number you want to block.
Once set up, you can manage your Vodafone Blacklist by TXT Simply FreeTXT these commands to 713:

To add a number to Vodafone Blacklist: Vodafone Blacklist Add (mobile number)
To view your Vodafone Blacklist: Vodafone Blacklist Show
To remove a number: Vodafone Blacklist Remove (mobile number)
To remove all numbers: Vodafone Blacklist Remove ALL
To turn Vodafone Blacklist off: Vodafone Blacklist Off
Need some Vodafone Blacklist help? Vodafone Blacklist Help
Manage Vodafone Blacklist and more using My Vodafone – available both online and as a powerful app for your smartphone and tablet.
Vodafone Blacklist is only able to block incoming TXT and PXT messages. Click here for important information on Vodafone Blacklist.

Digi-Parenting with My Vodafone.

Parenting is a busy time. My Vodafone makes life simpler, especially when it comes to managing multiple accounts.

My Vodafone is designed to help you make the most of life as a digi-parent by making it easy to manage multiple Vodafone accounts.

With the My Vodafone app on your smartphone or tablet, you can do heaps of handy things – like check your balance, see just how much data you’ve got left for the month, top up your family’s Prepay mobiles and much more. It’s free and easy to use – both on your desktop, and on your smartphone or tablet through the app.

Check your balance.

With My Vodafone’s account summary you can quickly see the details of your plans including minutes, TXTs and data balances, for On Account Mobile, Prepay Mobile, and Home accounts.

Top up wherever you (or they) are.

No need to worry about your kids’ Prepay running out – or you having to head out to the dairy to top up. My Vodafone lets you top up your Prepay accounts through the app.

Manage your Add-Ons.

Add data bundles, TXTs, minutes and other services right in the app – you can view your family connections and see how much data they’re using, and buy additional data during the month if you run out.

Track your spending.

In My Vodafone, you can view your current bill, plus up to 12 months of previous bills.

Keep it simple.

You can choose to pay your bill by direct debit or credit or debit card straight from My Vodafone.

Sign in to My Vodafone any time on your mobile or desktop for an up-to-date view of your mobile accounts, and see how simple Digi-Parenting can be.

Get My Vodafone now.

Eyes on the road, mind on the job.

It’s never safe to TXT while you’re driving, no matter how grown-up you might be.

Use the Vodafone DriveSafe service to help your family stay safe while driving – and teach your teens to use it too, perhaps as a condition of using the car.

DriveSafe auto-replies to incoming TXT messages with a TXT to say you’re driving. Once you get safely where you’re going, you can collect any messages sent to you (or your teens) while Drive Safe was activated.

DriveSafe is quick and easy to use:

  • Before you start driving, free TXT ‘Drive on’ to 760
  • Incoming TXTs will receive this auto-reply: “I’m driving right now. I’ll read your TXT as soon as it is safe to do so. Vodafone DriveSafe.”
  • When you arrive at your destination, free TXT ‘Drive off’ to 760 then check the TXT messages you received.

Red Share makes it easy to keep your family connected.

If you’re an average New Zealand household, you’ll have multiple mobiles and tablets on multiple plans. And we all know family life is complicated enough without having to manage all that. Vodafone Red Share simplifies this by bringing all of your household’s mobiles and tablets together onto a single bill. With enough data for everyone to share, plus simple tools for managing accounts and the ability to add as you grow.

Let’s face it, we all use our mobiles and tablets differently. Some people use up all their data allowance, while others might use just a fraction. By adding Vodafone Red Share to a Vodafone Red+ plan you can share data across your mobiles and tablets, so your heavy users can take up any leftovers from light users.

Through My Vodafone, you can see how much each family member is using, adjust their data limit if need be, and even buy more.

Beyond data, Vodafone Red Share makes it simple for families to stay in touch. Everyone can always keep in contact with Unlimited Talk & TXT to standard NZ & OZ numbers, on all mobiles on the plan.

You can also add more family members to the parent Vodafone Red+ plan as your needs change – so no need for Prepay phones as the kids grow up.

Vodafone Red Share simply makes it easy for families stay better connected:

  • Share Everything. One pool of data, and unlimited Talk and TXT to standard NZ and OZ numbers.
  • Data Controls. Now Red Share comes with data controls so you can limit the amount of data the kids use each month and manage the shared data in your plan.
  • No Wastage. If you’re not using all of your data, someone else can.
  • Keep It Together. Just one mobile bill to manage each month.
  • Stay On Top.  View and manage the whole family’s mobile data use through My Vodafone app, and get alerts when you’re nearing your shared data allowance.
  • Grow As You Go.  Add additional family members at any time.

Add Vodafone Red Share to your Vodafone Red+ plan for just $19.99 per person, per month and keep your family connected with unlimited talk & TXT*, and enough data for everyone to share. Simple.

With Red Share it is easy to keep your family better connected. To find out more about Vodafone Red Share, just call 0508 464 464 or click here.

*Unlimited talk and TXT to standard NZ and Oz numbers only, excludes premium and special numbers. Red+: Vodafone terms, early termination and transfer fees apply, see vodafone.co.nz/red-plus. Red Share: must have sharing plan on your account. The Red+ plan account holder is liable for all Red Share charges additional to Red+ plan costs. See vodafone.co.nz/red-share for terms.