Jobs of the future – what will your kids be when they grow up?

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a Garbage Designer!”

From firefighting drones to the Khan Academy, the new world of tech and communications is playing havoc with our children’s dreams for what they’ll be when they grow up. In fact, according to a US study, 65% of today’s primary school kids will end up in jobs that haven’t been invented yet.

Think about it: even 10 years ago, the role of Social Media Manager, Sustainability Manager or Mobile Phone Applications Developer simply didn’t exist – but they’re hot properties today. So how do we set our children up for a future career, when we don’t know what kind of jobs will even be around?

Experts agree your kids are still going to need reading, writing and arithmetic – augmented by social skills, creativity, innovation, problem solving, tech skills and global awareness.

Here are some things you can do together, to help develop the right skills:

  1. Creativity & Innovation Creative problem solving with innovative ideas is an advantage in any line of work. Ignite creativity at home: ask for their help with solving common household problems, by engineering creative solutions – like how to get the back door to stop sticking, or how to keep the toothpaste flowing.
  2. Technology The march of technological development isn’t going to stop anytime soon.Get your kids building and coding from an early age. Tech Will Save Us is a great place to get what you need to get them started.
  3. Global Awareness Inspire children to be curious about the world and to be globally aware – appreciating, communicating and interacting with people across different cultures.

It’s impossible to see into the future with any real clarity. But it is possible, right now, to help your kids prepare for whatever’s coming. In a world where anyone can Google the same answers as anyone else, smart kids with problem solving skills will stand out.

And whatever your children end up doing when they’re big, there’s one thing we hope they’ll definitely “be” – and that’s happy.

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