Digi-Teaching: Connect with your school

Teaching in the digital age is full of exciting learning opportunities
As technology becomes more and more integrated into young people’s lives, it brings exciting new opportunities for schools. Teachers play a vital role in helping young people manage their digital spaces – so they are safe and responsible, as well as developing their academic ICT, media literacy, and social skills.
In recognition of the key role technology has come to play in delivering education, the Government has prioritised schools to receive ultra-fast broadband as it is being rolled out across New Zealand. Over 97% of schools will have received ultra-fast broadband capability by 2016.

If you’re a teacher, you might be interested in the Connected programme.
It was developed by Vodafone and The Parenting Place in collaboration with teachers to educate students on the positives and negatives of our online world and to encourage students to make good online decisions. The programme consists of student presentations, parent evenings, a student handbook, and teaching resources. For more information on the Connected programme for your school (years 7-8, and 9-13) contact The Parenting Place.
The team at NetSafe have also developed a Kit for Schools. This is a comprehensive programme design to build and support digital citizenship in schools.

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